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Stop cancelling shows that require intelligence / Introversion Problems

I normally boycott any and all new shows til the end of the first season/confirmation of pick up order, but against my better judgement, I had to try out Under The Dome. Every show that has ties to LOST dies a fiery death with the exception of Person of Interest and Once Upon A Time and Revolution. (RIP Alcatraz…Park Avenue 666….FlashForward….) But goddamn it I will be pissed if they cancel it. ┬áIm so sick of shows that require 4 braincells to watch getting cancelled coz theyre too “complicated”, while shit like Jersey Shore can get season upon season.

Every time a show comes out that requires people to think, the reviews always come in the same…”Im not watching another LOST.” “Im not spending another 6 years on LOST.” You know what? To all those people that “wasted those 6 years”, I pity your lack of insight on what could have been arguably the best show to ever grace television. Paint me biased, as I run close to ten LOST based fan sites, but how people can not see its genius is beyond me. Oh, you had to think? Something didnt make sense to you? It MUST have been “stupid” and “pointless”. No. You should just attempt to think more. Or, go watch some more Jersey Shore.

Granted alot of people in todays world watch TV to “escape.” Great. Kudos to them. Awesome. Other people, people like myself, people that are introverted, or disabled, look to television for a much different kind of escape. A world where we are involved. Characters that we care about more than actual people. Stories we can lose ourselves in that take us away from what holds us back. People with “9 to 5” normalcy dont get it. They never will. You can go to your job, and make your friends. You can go to the bar, or a party. Thats fun for you. You know whats fun for me? Having a complicated story with complicated characters that I learn to love as my friends. That I feel their pain and watch their story and feel involved. Some of you know what I’m talking about.

There are people that just have to lose themselves. In TV. In movies. In books. In music. We need that escape to recharge. And sometimes having complete bubblegum fluff is the answer. But for people like me, thats almost never the case. Im a complex woman, in a fucked up reality.

Networks need to start realizing that by cancelling a show 7 episodes in, they are just fucking themselves. “Oh its not getting the ratings! Its losing money!” This isn’t the Nelson ratings anymore. We DVR. We On Demand. We stream. We YouTube. As much as you all claim to be up on technology, you ARE–I guarantee-missing views. How is it that shows that have huge cult following get that way? By no one watching them? Doubtful. Stop bowing to critics, stop basing everything on the almighty dollar, and readjust your way of measure. Too much good is going to waste.


Multi tasking at its finest…

I am writing this here post while currently PVP-ing in World Of Warcraft, queing on 3 tumblrs, checking my facebook, looking on yahoo and other news, etc. This is a standard night for me. Hours upon hours. Which is why I go through 4 wireless mouses a year. The mouses dont last as long as the batteries claim to last. -_-

I still have two episodes of Hemlock Grove before I am finished. I really hope Netflix makes a season 2. Though I’ve heard the finale is a mindfuck.

Its 207am but Ive been tired since like 10. Now Im just hungry. I see Lucky Charms in my future.

Whenever I can’t find my pug, all I have to do is follow the snores….


Can I just say how much I hate the new Youtube Channel setup?

I just uploaded a video on there about “The Sound Around The World” that I witnessed…and the first thing I notice is they’ve changed the layout–again–and its fucking HORRID.

I LIKED my old set up much better, thank you very much.

WHY do internet sites constantly want to “upgrade” their appearance? Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube…have you not learned, we HATE CHANGE.

Why “fix” something that isn’t broken??


6-18-13 The good ole days when the internet was scary

I remember my first adventure into cyberspace. I was poor and couldn’t afford a computer, so I bought a weird little device called WebTV. I had it for a few years until I could buy a “real” computer. There wasn’t a whole lot that could be done on it. You could build webpages on sites like angelfire, tripod, and geocities. I even have printed out copies of one of my old websites from 1999. You could email (email was that days text message). You could customize your email’s background color, your font, you could add a picture, and even a midi. (Midis were also popular as ringtones before we could use the real thing.) (A Midi is a weird electronic version of a song with no vocals, just instruments, not an instrumental, it was more beepy.) The thing I usually used it for was chat rooms.

Back then, on that device, you could only access “Talk City”. There were rooms upon rooms, and you could make private ones. People much more tech savvy than I created these chatroom mods that if I remember correctly were called IRC. (My favorite one was one that was able to play The Offspring while you chatted, and had macros from their songs.) You could be anyone you wanted to be, and most were. You never told people who you were then. It was pretty much a given if someone even knew what state you were in, you could expect them to slide down your chimney like a demonic santa claus and gut you like a fish. Or at least, thats what the popular consensus was.

I hung out in one room more than most, the “alternative music” one. (that would consist mostly of grunge music I suppose). I had a little group of friends, but never told anyone my real name. It was something that just was. not. done. I went by the online handle of rebel_grrl (no I had never heard of the song at the time) and my first name was Andi, after a character I empathized with from my favorite show, Dawson’s Creek. We went to each others webpages, which if you were blessed enough to be online in the mid-late 90s, you know how atrocious they were. Spinning GIFS everywhere, horrible graphics. I was around 15 at the time.

One time in a chat room, someone messaged me. They said they knew me. They told me my (real) name. My city. My neighborhood. Almost 20 years later I still haven’t figured out who they were. I was a loner at school and with only a handful of friends. And of those, only a few had the internet. (Oh the days of dial up. That wonderful sound that it made. I think I didn’t even get DSL til maybe a little after 2000. I fortunately have cable internet now, or my World Of Warcraft would severly suffer.) Anyway, that scared the hell out of me.

We used to use this weird service where you could call a number and leave people voice messages. I called one and realized it was going to show my home number, so I made up some BS story about how I was using someones home phone and no one could ever call it.

Those days, there wasn’t social media sites. No cyber bullying. Just people hanging out in chatrooms bullshitting. Some people of course were there to “cyber”. But for the most part, the internet was a safe and somewhat boring place.

I ended up on sites like Myspace and Greatestjournal (RIP). I dont think I went by my real name until probably after 2000.

When I was 21, (and in somewhat of a manic episode) I spent a good almost six months meeting random people off the internet. Some guys, some girls. I’ve made some good friends that way. Ive also made some stupid decisions that honestly, I’m suprised didn’t get me killed and left in a gutter. I would meet people I’d never met in places I’d never been. One of the worst times I went through this part of life, I was seperated (albeit briefly) from my (now) husband. Maybe it was me being too young. Maybe it was because I’d litereally been single 3 weeks of my life from 14-21. Maybe it was an early midlife crisis. Hell if I know. But I met these people, and I did survive.

Today thats not always the case. People tell their names, their addresses, intimate details of their lives, all online. You can aquire stalkers or overly interested people that can latch on. A girl from my town ended up in a true crime book all from meeting up with a guy online that ended up killing quite a few people.

So maybe the title was wrong. At least before, we were scared of the boogeyman that didnt have a name or a face, that lurked in the dark, ever present. Today, that same boogeyman seems to have come out from under the bed, and is ready and able to find us. The internet can bring us all together, but it can also rip us all apart.

1-31-13 Writing in the future?

I went from being three days behind to officially writing for tomorrow!

So I’m happy that people are following me on here, but also confused. Some I wonder why they are? Is it just to get “follow backs”? Do I pique some weird interest in someone that I think has no reason to have anything in common with me? I guess just go with the flow, eh?

I went through a trunk in my living room of stuff thats been saved since I was born. Its alot of crap. Every report card. Ever. LITERALLY almost a thousand poems. Various pieces of published writing. Drawings. (Oh god.) Random shit from the internet I felt compelled to print off and save and now 15 years in the future, Im planning on taking most of it, opening up (yet another.. is this 13? 14?) another tumblr, of just random stupid sayings etc.

I had told my one web teacher about how I did “old school html” back in the angelfire and tripod days and he looked at me like I had a third eye. (Well, a visible one, anyway.) I just happend to have come across my old website…printed out. Oh dear god. Of course none of the background and stuff showed up, but all the other stuff is there. And someone really shouldn’t let 16 year olds run websites. Wow. I cover my eyes in virtual shame.

(This of course wont stop me from more than likely showing some of it. I have no shame.)

I took pictures of all my drawings on instagram so Id have them, and Im going to type up some of the (not horrible, or least horrible) poetry. It ended up being quite macabre before I stopped writing. I just dont know where to stick them. I guess here would be a good place. Who knows.

1-11-13 Vampire

Whoever thought that hosting my own website was a smart thing, can I slap them? I just spent the past god knows how many hours attempting to fix this mess that I have created. I can’t seem to get my logo to work on my pages. I am HOPING that the server is just slow. At least for now, I got the old name OFF. Now its just nameless. And I have a broken link on my contact page. But its now 715am and I really dont care. I still have the temp site up for now.

Speaking of shitty sleep schedules…while I realize that I’ve had a horrible schedule since birth, sometimes it’s ridiculous even to ME how bad it gets. I really think I am becoming a vampire at this point, sans the fact I’m a germaphobe and would go hungry (thirsty?) before I attempted to drink blood.

I’m still technically running 2 days behind on this blog, but dammit, I WILL have a post for every day. Even if I have to write seven in a day to catch up.