About Me

I grew up in a time where if you put your name on the internet, a serial killer “would find you and kill you”. Now, we post when we go to the bathroom or what we ate for dinner. Its weird that we post everything on the internet now, but thats the way the world is heading. I started internet blogging around 2005, at a site called GreatestJournal. I was there until it went offline. I then moved to LiveJournal. I must say, I havent been active. Where I once used to write about my life, now Id rather write about whats going on around me, but if some personal things happen to make their way in, thats ok too. I have always been a “what you see is what you get” person.

I’ve had it better than some, worse than more. Ive went through all the typical (or not so typical) issues a woman goes through growing up. Instead of hiding it away, Id rather be open about them all, because if I can help just one person get through them, it was worth it. There wasnt alot of support for alot of the things I went through when I was a teenager. There wasn’t “pro-ana” sites, there wasnt “to write love on her arms”–you just did what you did, and either hoped no one noticed, or lied. Most of my afflictions probably stem from my mental illnesses, Im sure some are just my actual personality. Sometimes the label of the illness “become” your personality, and you can’t tell which is which.

I have to warn that because of what I have gone through, and the way that I perceive things, that I easily have offended people. I would apologize, but honestly, I don’t. If you don’t like what I have to say, its simple: don’t read what I write. No one has a gun to your head. Hit that button on your screen, back out, and carry on. I am a “crusader” of sorts for all the underdogs, minorities, freaks, whatever you want to call them. I should have grown up in the 70s, where my efforts would be more appreciated.

My life is good, it is what can be made of it. No ones life is perfect, my life has had its ups and downs, but Im alive so I guess I cant complain, right?

If you are offended about any of the following, read at your own discretion:
-profanity (I am an adult. I will speak as I choose. This doesn’t make me “less intelligent” I have a high IQ.)
-mental illnesses (esp. bipolar, ocd, anxiety)
-anorexia (recovering)
-self harm (recovering/battle)
-politics (consider me a liberal– democrat/libertarian/green)
-LGBT (and all it encompasses)
-religion (myself, a wiccan that appreciates buddhism, hinduism, baha’ii, gnostism–this does NOT make me a christian hater.)
-pot legalization (wise up, its used for medicinal purposes, and its a waste of tax dollars to prosecute.)
-war (fuck war).

Im sure there are many more things, but honestly if any of those are going to bother you, most of the stuff will.


3 thoughts on “About Me

    1. hey I thought that myself but then saw all the replies and didnt want to be one of the herd. your story was amazingly accurate and I found myself wishing for some mania recently. especially when you work in the art world. on top of the normal depression of bipolar (I have bipolar 1 which had the actual mania not like like most ppl who probably responded. I saw a few talk about their hypo mania. ) i also have hypothyroidism (the. worst. depression. ever. when it crashed. ) and fibromyalgia!! some days I just feel like a rug. I followed your blog after I liked your post. 🙂

      1. Feeling like a rug…that’s good. Very apt description. I’m so sorry you’ve got the other issues. The fibro must be terrible to deal with. I have had mania and hypomania. The mania was primarily in my college days; I mostly deal with hypomania now. Gonna follow you, too.

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