I want out…no I want back in…..

Like every introvert out there, we resemble cats. We want to go out and be social because we think we’re lonely after long intervals of recharge, but then we go out and immediately are in over stimulation and we want back in. With all this snow, I’m getting horrible cabin fever, but then I go out or socialize and I just want to be alone and home again. 

I think the biggest problem I have is just that I want to be “normal” and “have friends” and “do stuff”….and then I try to do said things and immediatly regret the decision. I start getting easily annoyed by everyone around me. I want to say things that should probably not be said. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

I think once the weather breaks itll be better. I can get out, alone, and drive. That’s when I’m best…alone with my thoughts and my music. Now if this goddamn snow could stop dumping all over Michigan, I’d be grateful. 


4 thoughts on “I want out…no I want back in…..

  1. I hear you! I’ve been forced to be my best fake extrovert at work for three weeks and am totally drained. Now I want to recharge but we had a freak snow storm for my part of Oregon and I can’t get out for some fresh air. Bummer.

    1. I totally get that. We’ve been snowed in here since the beginning of Jan, and I barely get out. Once I do, I question what the hell I was thinking. So I dont go out anymore, then I WANT to go out. I think my problem is I just hate people in general LOL.

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