In with the new, out with the…new?

So I have sprint, and 3 of the same model phone on my plan: Me, my husband, and friend. First my friends started acting up when she had it 6 months. Me and my husband gout ours after her. His started acting up 3 weeks or so ago. He got his phone back, and hers started not charging. While that was going on, my phone suddenly decided it had headphones on and refused to let me hear anyone, or let anyone hear me, but I could hear the phone RING fine. I took MY phone in (A week after I got my husbands back.) a week ago. While that one was out, the friends phone got taken in again a few days ago. I get a call tonight saying to come in and pick out another phone because mines on back order. Mind you, her phone was 6 months old, me and my husbands were a mere 3 months old. So, I went down there and got me a new phone (back to the iphone, ftw!). I’m on my way back into town, the phone rings. My husbands phone took a shit. Back to the store we went. Now his phone is out for service, her phones out for service, and I have a new phone. We did some detective work and found out that the phones not only on “back order” but its been discontinued. They should be expecting their phones in a week or so (the call to get new ones). I’m hoping it goes as smoothly for them as it did me.



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