The timing couldn’t be better

Thank god I uploaded all my diet info on here and facebook when I did. My 3 month old phone just had to be shipped out to be replaced. Apparently it thinks its headphones are in when they’re not, making it impossible to answer or make calls because I can’t hear anything. So my diet app and all the info are gone. Things happen for a reason. I’m using my MIL old phone as a loaner til mine comes in. Personally, since its on back order, I hope the full 14 days goes through and they let me get a different phone. We have three of the same phones on my plan and theyre all 3-4 months old. One got sent out last week because it shut off and never turned back on. The other one stopped charging, and then mine had the headphone issue. WTF? POS is what they are! No wonder they’re on back order! They SUCK. I wish I had never got rid of my iphone. 😦 The loaner I’m using is 4 years old and taking FOREVER to download my app. I’m still going to try to get it to download, but if not, I guess its back to paper and pen for this girl til her phone comes back. UGH. Technology.



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