How Facebook brings (tears) us apart

Facebook honestly makes me feel like shit.

I hate it.

If it wasnt one of the only ways for me to be social id just deactivate it. My family all sucks and acts like theyre better than me. People get upset with me for me being me. People wanna kill your happiness coz theyre selfish pricks who want everyone else to feel as bad as them. No one actually is happy FOR anyone, its all just sugarcoated bullshit. Get a car? Post a picture! Get 12 likes, a handful of comments, and next week youre the watercooler topic! “OMG…did you SEE that car? I wonder what she paid for it? I thought they were broke?” No one gives two shits about your kids pictures, your animals pictures, what you do good in life. Got a new job, get a few likes. Post a picture of your salad for dinner, get twice as many.

We only post the good things to let everyone know how happyhappy our lives are so people can envy us, and those with the balls enough to be real on here, get shitslammed. Either were “attention seeking” or “unappreciative” or whatever you want to insert here. “You shouldn’t talk about ____ on the internet!” Well, why not? If I can post what Im having for dinner or that Im pregnant, why can’t I complain that my husband trashed my house or Im upset we are broke for the week? Why do I have to be all happyhappy all the time? Thats not REAL. Thats not LIFE.

I literally lost more than a few decades long friends over a fucking SOCIAL MEDIA SITE. Like, what the hell does that say for the 15+ years of friendship? If Id never gotten facebook would I still have those friends? Is that BETTER or WORSE? Better coz I had them, but worse because Id never know that how I REALLY think and feel makes them run screaming into the night? Does anyone remember the shitstorm that happened once you could “arrange” your top 8 on MySpace? Jesus!

I am a total mixed bag on social media any more. The only way people talk is thru this shit anymore. And you deactivate it? No one even TEXTS practically! And a PHONE CALL? Fucking UNHEARD of! It might “bring us together” but I think it drives us apart more than anything. I mean, you may be able to keep in contact with your cousin who moved to Japan a hell of a lot quicker and cheaper now, but what about your friend down the road? That you see maybe once a month, but chat it up on facebook/twitter/whatever? Gone are the days of phone calls. Of visits. Do you even know (without looking at your cell phone directory!) your best friends phone number? I don’t. I know phone numbers from third grade, but I couldn’t tell you a phone number off the top of my head other than my moms and my husbands, and the only reason I know my husbands is because it used to be my old phone number!

Start a business, ask some people for help in the “like” process. Can’t get them to hit like, but theyll hit like for TEENSWAGLYRICS.

People adding you just so they can stalk you. See if youre doing worse than them. Then if you are, they feel great about themselves. If youre doing better than them, however? Lets see what can be said to bring them down to my level! Why can’t anyone just be HAPPY for people anymore? Is it really THAT HARD?


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