Got some new merch, got some new info

So I ordered my business cards, a shirt, and 2 keychains with my logos and stuff on them. They came like a week after I ordered (thank god I didnt order fast shipping for 3x the price!) and turned out awesome. I went to the county fair today, wearing the shirt. Talked to a realtor person about trying to find a small shop. As in, uber small. Smallest of the small. Hobbit-hole-esque. Then there was a lawyer there, I asked him his opinion about how to get something up and going. He says for 500 bucks all the paperwork etc can be done. Then there is the small matter of insurance. (Which why the FUCK do you have to insure every damn thing. Seriously I got told, I need ins incase some nut decides that I “made” him go kill someone…) but point is, in a year or so I could be fully up and running. All legit, etc. I have my websites up. I have my cards. Ive been looking into fairs etc to join in on. I have a year of retraining and restudying while I get my legal shit in order. Well see. But all in all, it was an interesting day.


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