Ive pretty much been glued to the computer/phone for 48/72 hours

Considering Ive barely slept enough in three days for one night, Id say Ive spend entirely too much time on the computer the past few days.

I am utterly and completely exhausted and I keep thinking, go take a nap. And yet, here I sit.

On a random note, Id really like for WordPress to stop telling me I have new likes and adds after I’ve already cleared them. You get my hopes up and smush them like tiny bugs. I take that follower count seriously, dude.

I revamped my website. Only to realize I hated it, bought another URL, redid the first website, made the second website, made a new facebook/twitter/email to go with the second one. So now my art (http://niteowl-media.com) has its place, and my tarot reading has its place (http://niteowloracle.net) Because originally I put them together and while it didnt look bad due to seperate pages, it just seemed really really odd.

Then I spent a couple hours today remaking business cards, etc.

I also have spent ridiculous amounts of time on the phone in the past 36 hours. I don’t like the phone, and I don’t like using it to have to talk to people I don’t even know about situations that are none of their business. I only ended up screaming at and hanging up on one, and I think that is a personal best.

-Called 7 places about selling my van. (In good news, van is sold now because of this.)

-Tried to figure out where the hell my student loans are which only required three different places giving me numbers to the next guy to answer my questions, but now thats taken care of.

-Called my cable company and told them their tech guy was a qualified douchebag, to come get their shit outta my house. It ended up with them sending a new guy out and fixing the problem the original fuckstick was too lazy to fix.

-Called my bank to report my card lost/stolen only for them to tell me I had to pay 7.50 for a new card on an account Ive had over a decade that I dont lose cards on. It pissed me off enough I told them to put a hold on my card and that if I didnt find it in the seven days there was a hold I would come pull all my money out and take it elsewhere. Yes, over 7.50. Why? After posting it to facebook, had someone tell me how they get free cards from them. Yeah, fuck you bank.

-Ended up blowing up social media and filing a report at a mall after some unprofessional shiz went down. That was totally how I wanted to spend my day. But then again between that instance (because the owner of a store yelling their customers are bitches and to GET THE FUCK OUT OF HER STORE in front of a 10 and 13 year old is GREAT PROFESSIONALISM), the tech guy being misogynistic little prick, and the bank being assholes, Im about 589809% done with customer service.

-After making comments the past year and a half about how I have no idea how people break their Iphones, broke my iphone. I have THROWN it, DROPPED it, you name it. Never a dent. Never a scratch. I was tired as fuck from no sleep, it slipped about 3 feet from my hands and BOOM diagonal fuckdom on the phone. So guess who gets to go drive up to best buy and fix that solution?

How is it that all this random bullshit is actually while VERY GODDAMN ANNOYING, not enough to make the past few days horrible. Of course, get back with me in a day or two. I may have changed my mind.


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