Last night I dreamt I was going to go camping. We didn’t have the money but we had some saved up. It started to get cold so it seemed kind of pointless. I think I was at my sister in laws except it looked alot like the old house my father in law used to live in. It faced Lake Erie. Anyway, out of nowhere the siren goes off and there is a huge outbreak of tornadoes. At least 3-5 waterspouts. (this could have been brought into the dream because I just shared a picture of a waterspout on face book). We finally (and I mean finally–for some reason my husband was taking forever to decide to leave!) leave and were headed north. We end up (weirdly) at my sister in laws best friend (that I dont even know very well IRL) house and some other girl I believe I went to school with is there.  They were having some kinda party or something, but the outbreak of tornadoes was closer. We saw at least 4-7 more. We decided to go to walmart. We couldnt figure out after going west for sometime how to go south…we were kinda in “backwoods” but not really…in my head I know exactly where about we were.

The weird part (ok so youre saying THIS is the weird part, have you read the rest?) is they were looking for this road to go south and they couldnt remember where it was…they kept calling it something else. I remember passing Frances road which doesnt even exist here. We found the road, and I distinctly remember driving this same way in a dream recently. I think the road name had changed. But I just drove this way in a dream within the last week. We got them to the road to turn south (now apparently the driver was in the back seat with me…or maybe we were both in the front and the car decided to drive itself, I dont really know…) the tornadoes had calmed down. We ended up deciding to drive them back so we wouldnt waste gas driving all the way to walmart then coming back to drop them.

She had 4 toilets in a room….most were used for storage for a toilet that apprently looked alot like one of those trash cans that opens with a top that opens in the middle. Apparently you took a “top” off every time you used it. So it required alot of tops…and alot of storage. I think it was some kind of a shower…baby, maybe?

Anyway…I dream about tornadoes…ALOT. Never just one, either. Thats the only reason my super realistic dreams show me Im not awake. When I have a tornado dream, there are no less then 10 in the outbreak. Yes, I know what they mean in “dream theory”. And yes, that is probably a reason Im dreaming about them. All I know is I really hate tornado dreams.

At least this one was so weird I knew I was sleeping.


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