Dream another dream

So normally I have these dreams that are very very normal. As in, I don’t sleep much because I’m awake in another dimension. (Thats a WHOLE other story…)

Last night, per usual, I was in a “dream” that was so real, I was more than shocked when I “woke up”. This dream however, for once, was a “weird” dream. Very, very weird, actually. And normally I usually forget my dreams pretty much after wake up. Parts of this one stuck with me because they were insanely real, but also insanely odd.

I don’t remember alot of it. I know that somehow, I ended up in this weird building. Very….modern. This would be more than likely either hundreds of years in the future, but more than likely not on this planet. (This is a VERY new one for me, hence why it probably felt so real.) I was in a group of people. I think there was somewhere around 6 of us, some men, some women. I remember this place having alot of rooms, alot of glass. At some point the dream shifted into the part I’m going to go into. There was blue…slimes, and black slimes. And the blue slimes, were…at least, not bad. The black slimes were bad. There was a room of blue slimes in one of the glass rooms. But in this room, if you tampered with them, they started to become black, but these black ones were able to be eaten. There was a food shortage, so this was a good thing. But sometimes people got very sick and possibly would die if they ate these particular ones. Even though the black ones were “bad” (this was just the vibe I was getting from them.) they were the edible ones. The blue ones were a very vibrant colbalt. They moved around alot. Probably 2-3 feet tall, 2 feet wide.

There was a weird broadcast on the television. I think we were under some kind of attack. Or something. I know that the six of us were on the run, and were scared. I remember rooms but I cant remember alot of the beginning. I know we were running. I know we got here, and the people in the building didnt want us there. Once we got inside the blue slime room, people left us alone. I remember watching the blue slime change orange, then into the black.

This dream told me it was important but I have no idea why. I didn’t think to look up anything in dream diagnosis, but it wasn’t really telling me it was important as in decoding. I guess I’ll find out if I ever have a continuation of it. Continuations are quite normal for me. I have memories and continuations on a nightly basis. So far I’ve come to realize I have 3-4 “reaccuring” dream dimensions. I hope this isn’t a fifth. This one just felt….anxious.

Maybe I should start writing them down one day. I don’t know if I ever actually would, due to the nature of the dreams. And by that, they are all branches of this reality, but each one has a different path. They are all the same, but each one has a reason why I know theyre not all the same.

Oh, I also remember being in this building before we were on the run. It was a weird…store. There was shelves. There was pugs on random shelves. Real ones. The store was odd and there was 2 men that ran it but then sometimes there was a few others. Walking from the store once, I walked along the back of what would be my mother in laws house but it wasnt because it was on a corner instead, with a different porch. I wanted to buy these 2 pairs of shoes. One I thought was white but it kept making me think it was light pink. The other was blue. The fit like socks filled with gel. There was other shoes. Lots of shoes. I was under the impression it was a dollar store but it sold things that shouldnt have been. I spent alot of time there, I was there past closing but it didnt matter because they never leave the store.

To think I actually welcome this mish mash of weirdness over my normal dreams. At least with these I wake up and know fairly quickly I was dreaming. Usually I wake up and cant understand why I am where I am and what reality am I in.


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