I’m so lazy I’m on my phone

Remember that person that stayed on their couch so long they became a part of it? yeah that’s probably going to end up being me. I don’t want to move. the most I’ve done in the past two hours is swat at this goddamn mosquito that keeps feeding on my dog that’s on my leg. 

ive missed a few doses of medicine lately but that can’t account for the shitty mental status I’m in. at least I’m not so far gone that I dot realize what’s going on. I’m sure another week or so and I’ll have no clue if it continues at the rate. 


im beyond apathetic. do just don’t care bout anything. I’m lonely but don’t want to be around people. they just annoy the shit outta me. I can’t explain my issue I don’t even understand it myself. I’ve barely left my house at all the past two weeks and when I do it’s to go to family. or take my husband to work. it’s mid July. the years is half over. the summer is flying by. and I’m just here. always just here. waiting. 

for what I don’t know. 


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