I know its been a minute…

Life kinda is at a standstill. We’re moved, but not completely done. He’s been on vacation because BMW shuts down for the 4th of July (how patriotic -_-) so were financially fucked. My air conditioning unit went to hell after the move, but it was fixed today, which was nice because living in the 8th layer of hell was getting old. Its literally rained 18/19 days. My yard is a swamp and if I go outside, I am a mosquito buffet. I had a job interview for a place I put an app in like a month ago. I could tell she wasn’t paying any attention to any of the questions she was asking me. I contemplated giving really bizarre answers just to see if my hunch was right, but then thought better not. Needless to say, not getting that job. Which is ok. Because they asked me two questions in about covering my tattoos that people “may find offensive”. Well, what I find offensive is letting someone on the sales floor in a tank top two sizes too small and flip flops. But hey, to each their own, right?

Ive become bored with most everything. Nothing seems worthwhile. I get on World of Warcraft, but then get bored. I scroll through facebook or tumblr for awhile, but then tire of that. Ive been watching alot of netflix and tv recently…something I dont normally do. Now that my tv is back in my bedroom, I may never need to leave bed, either. My L5 disc in my back thinks that to be an awesome idea.

Im sitting in my office, I can hear the train in the distance. I dont have on a radio, or a tv, or anything. Just silence. I like silence. I really hate when we’re both in the office because he was to have tv on, or some kind of noise. I like silence.

Ive been quite literally itchy lately. My skin feels weird…like I dont belong in it or something. Like its not used to being there. I could chalk it up to the water…its new water. From Detroit. Supposedly better then the water I was getting. I guess my water probably had all sorts of nuclear shit in it since I live like under 10 miles from a nuclear power plant. I guess having water that people are dead in is better? Or so they assured me when I asked about it.

Its already half way through July. What am I doing with my life?

I read an article that people of my generation have peter pan syndrome. Ive been “grown up” since I was like, 12. But that doesn’t stop me from wishing life would slow the fuck down and chill. I just wish things were the way they used to be. Even though they were shitty, I still would like them back, in a weird way.

I also find it odd that while I write this, people who have never and will never meet me face to face will read it, while people I have know for years will remain clueless. Even though this posts through to my facebook, my tumblr, my twitter… none of them will take the time to even look. I dont know how I feel about that. Part of me finds solice in the fact I can literally write anything I want and it will never be read…and part of me wonders why people don’t find it important to read.


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