What is this REALLY about?

Today, a woman was made to “filibuster” for 13 hours. She was required to speak, on topic, for 13 continuous hours. She was not allowed to eat, sit, or use the restroom. If she completed this task, there would be no vote in Texas for the abortion bill. She did her time, and then this happened:

The vote would have to occur before midnight. As this screen cap shows, it happened after. That isn't the shocking part. A few minutes later, the site was "updated" and the dates changed.
The vote would have to occur before midnight. As this screen cap shows, it happened after. That isn’t the shocking part. A few minutes later, the site was “updated” and the dates changed.

The file for this is found at:  http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=831&Bill=SB5

If you notice, the dates now say the 25. Before midnight.

What is this REALLY about? Is this really about abortion?

Or is this about over zealous government and a patriarchial society? This woman did as required…and the men decided to bend the rules. No rules were bent for her. She wasn’t even allowed to wear a back brace. To eat. To relieve herself. To SIT. But, these men rolled back the clocks, voted, and passed this ridiculous law.

Before you assume I’m “pro abortion” that isn’t what pro-choice people are about. Just like wanting gun control doesn’t mean I want to take away all your guns. All we women want is a CHOICE. If you choose to have an abortion, that is yours and yours alone to deal with. But why are men, who never have to be pregnant, even getting a SAY in this matter? (Just like why are straight people getting to vote whether or not gay people can marry?) This does not affect men. This isn’t about YOUR body. You don’t want us to have birth control. Or Plan B. Tubal Ligation is a small fortune. Vasectomies however can be done for a 50 dollar copay on your lunch break if you so desire. We spend a horrendous amount of money on Viagra and other items. Men are all about being able to have sex, with no consequence.

And the best part, is that these men aren’t even “pro life.” They are “pro fetus.” Once that kid is out? No one cares. Let it starve. Its poor, its taking our tax dollars.

Men sure get a lot of say in stuff that doesn’t involve them. Women have had to fight to vote. For equal pay (that we are STILL not getting!). Whether we can have abortions. What pills are acceptable. To be able to fight in war. To work as a single mother. This is getting ridiculous!

They are called civil RIGHTS for a reason. We have RIGHTS. We shouldn’t have to ask, or rally, or vote, on things that should be granted to us. It doesn’t matter if the topics make you uncomfortable. Don’t want an abortion? Don’t have one. Don’t want gay marriage? Don’t get gay married. Don’t like interracial marriage? Don’t interracial marry. This is not a hard concept. Stop tromping on others happiness because it makes you uncomfortable. Get over yourself.


One thought on “What is this REALLY about?

  1. Excellent article, and breaks down the issues very well. Yours is an important voice in the debate about patriarchy, because the medicalization of women’s issues is a perennial tool of the patriarchy, and this includes certain kinds of mental illness.

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