My version of a “busy week”…

Took husband to work yesterday. Went to mothers today. Tomorrow have a doctors appointment. Probably hanging out with a friend later in the day. Thursday taking my dog to get her stitches out. Possibly picking up my husband for awhile at some point before the weekend. Yes, that is considered a “busy” week for me. Goddamn my life is boring.

My teeth still hurt. Ive figure out that Im going to get my hair cut…and make it look like an accident. Not real sure how its going to end up, but oh well lol. Still contemplating doing something else, but havent decided what yet.

Its been hotter than fuck. I hate hot. And cold. Why cant it just be temperate? 80ish days, 80ish nights? Oh and stormy! SO stormy! And its supposed to storm for like, the next week.

Tomorrows my first “check up” since the whole “is my boob gonna fall off/and/or kill me” scare. Only 11 more check ups to make sure I’m 100%. I guess Ill see how the one goes tomorrow first.

And…get ready for a back to back post…


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