Lunar cycles jack up my teeth

Normally I only bitch about my teeth on new moons. Sometimes, full moons. This super moon is a super pain in the ass apparently. My teeth started hurting a few days before it, and they seem to only be getting worse at this point.

My bottom right wisdom tooth and the gum are in a compitition with each other to see which one will get pulled out of my face first. Right now, they are tied.

I looked into getting my wisdom teeth out about ten or so years ago. (Mainly the bottom right one…) They were so impacted it would take surgery to get any of them out. They were “a 9.5/10 in the never coming out scale.” I was on lithium at the time and would have to get off it for the surgery, and didn’t want to chance it. You have to get off lithium because it messes with the anethesia. You can get burns from it as well. My dad did. I also thought the dentist was a dick and didnt want to give him the copay. Well that and the fact he was charging me about 1k PER TOOTH.

Fast forward til after I lost my insurance a few years later. My dentist said my top ones were just about in, but the bottom ones, the longer I could wait, the better. That he could more than likely get them out in an emergency. At about 150 a tooth. Knowing I can get it out if need be, I try to just suffer through the flare ups. Though recently my husband got me dental through his work.

In case anyone doesn’t know, and thinks I’m nuts (which I am, but for this particular issue, Im not.) the moon controls the tides. People are 70+% water. Including our gums and such. Some people have teeth problems around the moon cycles. Usually full. Mine hate the new.

Anyway its almost 7am and I should probably sleep some since I have to get up here in about 6 hours if that.


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