“In this life, there are more questions than answers”-Nana Mary

Im watching my dvd of season 9 of roseanne. While everyone in the world wanted to grow up and have a Full House or Cosby life, I always wanted to have roseannes. Dan Conner seemed to be the best husband ever. I was alot like Darlene growing up, but ended up having a marriage like Dan and Roseannes.

Ive literally saw every episode probably a hundred times. Between the dvds, and the fact they ran it on syndication for about 5 years on nick where Id watch it every night. I remember when it was on live when I was a kid, and people (ok 12 year olds who didnt have a clue) saw the finale, they said it was so stupid and pointless and the whole season 9 was stupid. I didnt see it forever. But call it my wonderful tendency to empathize with fictional characters, but it wasn’t stupid at all to me.

Once I ended up with my husband, a housewife who depended on her husband, and we’ve now been together 14 years, it wasn’t stupid or silly at all. I see it as the coping mechanism of someone who was lost, and had to live in a fantasy world in order to cope with the reality that her whole life was dependant on someone for more than half her life. Losing someone like that and moving on? I don’t think people realize that. Not today, in the 72 hour marriage society. Spending most of your life with one person is not something people do anymore. People (especially the 12 year olds who didnt understand life at the time) just aren’t capable of getting it. That she found it easier to make a reality where he left by cheating due to her anger of being left then to deal with the reality of his death.

The final scenes of the finale are only truly felt by someone who could understand, and no matter how many times I’ve seen it, I will forever cry through it.

“”If what doesn’t kill us is making us stronger, We’re gonna last longer
Like the Great Wall of China, Or that rabbit with the drum
If there’s one thing that I learned, While waiting for my turn
Is that in each life some rain falls, But you also get some sun.
And we’ll make out better than okay, Hear what I say
Yeah, any day.”



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