Sound Around The World 2012 (Michigan)-The World Is Awakening

I had been following this phenomenon for almost two years when my husband woke me up out of bed saying, “Those sounds! Come out side! They’re outside!” I of course thought, nah, not here. I went outside, and sure enough, there it was. Why I didn’t videotape more of it, I think I was just in shock.

Most of you people probably have no idea what I’m even going on about. People in conspiracy circles however, have more than likely heard of this.

It started in 2011–all around the world. The sound varies. Sometimes its a higher hum, a lower panflute, metal on metal, grinding, trumpeting. But its everywhere. No where is safe. Search YouTube under “Sound Around The World” or any variation: strange sounds, mysterious sounds, you’ll find many.

What is it? Where does it come from? No one knows. We all have our own theories. All I know is, its interesting, and when you witness it, scary as hell.


3 thoughts on “Sound Around The World 2012 (Michigan)-The World Is Awakening

  1. After I read your blog, I shared with my husband and he mentioned those sounds. It’s so eerie and a little scary but an awesome reminder of how big our world is. 🙂

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