Should be sleeping.

Im sitting here on the couch watching some Netflix horror movie. Its almost 4am. I should probably be sleeping. I have no idea when I have to go pick up my husband. My luck, like last time, Ill lay down only to get the call to go get him. I’m tired, but I’m at least going to finish this movie.

I used a 10$ reward from Best Buy that was going to expire today on a new wireless mouse. After the dog was running around with the cone on her head from her spay, the cord got wrapped around her and she ended up dragging my computer off the table, through the living room, and into the kitchen. I have a few other wireless mouses but they are only half working. Why I don’t throw them out? Who knows. That and in the mess at the house I’d never even find one of those. So it cost me 3.19 out the door coz it was on sale. That was my big excitement for the day. Unless you count going out to eat twice. Boy, I lead an exciting existance.

I just remembered that I couldn’t find the ferret food at the store and I really need to pick more up.



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