Its half past midnight

Today was my college graduation.

I didn’t run away, scream, faint, or die. Thank you, social anxiety, for staying in check.

I was given an award for highest GPA in the class. (3.94 cumulative). And of course, my diploma.

There was a speaker there tonight, apparently he’s pretty well known. I had never heard of him, and honestly wasn’t even looking forward to having to listen to anyone. I wanted to get up there, get off there, and get out of there.

He talked about a lot of things that we’re actually quite personal to me. This of course, ended up with me a sobbing mess. And of course, I’m sitting in the first row. Luckily, I managed to pull myself together before walking for my diploma.


My central air was FINALLY hooked up yesterday. We also signed our lease. I officially live in my house again. Except, I’m still staying at my mother in laws around the block for another little while while we get the house back in order. We’ve been going over there and working on it little by little. Its hard when I can’t really do anything there coz the furniture needs to be moved, but then Andrew is only home for about 35 hours a week currently. Its getting there…slowly.

I can’t even keep track of the days anymore. I never know what day it is.

I also have gotten extremely bad at multitasking the internet and television. Im trying to finish up Hemlock Grove but I have to keep rewinding due to my horrible inability to be on the internet and hear the tv. I have to watch episode 11 again. Luckily so far there is only 13 episodes.

How come when I wrote this title, all I could hear is that damn song with the lyrics “Its a quarter after one, Im a little drunk, and I need you now…” Its not even 1. Or quarter of anything.


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