6-16-13 Id put a catchy title but I cant think of one

Although I can’t really think of anything super interesting to write about I thought I would just so I could attempt (yet again) to keep writing.

Its hot as hell…well it was anyway. We were down at my house trying to get SOMETHING accomplished. The air isnt being hooked up til Tuesday and it was kind of like how I imagine hell to be, just with less sulfur. I hate being hot. Whenever Im hot, I get uber bitchy and want to stab people with spoons. Needless to say, summer is NOT my favorite season. Then again, about a week ago it was like 60. And I was kinda bitching bout it being cold. I have a good zone: 75-82. And nights that plummet twenty degrees, please go fuck yourself with a rusty spike. It makes my fibromyalgia flare up like a bitch. Boy, I can’t wait til Im old.

Its beautiful out, but here I am inside. Why? I don’t really know what to do lol. It may still be a little to warm out, I havent been out in about an hour.

I’ve been watching alot of redbox movies as of late. Prolly like 10+ in the past week. Boy I miss watching movies. Oh, and I went to go see “The Purge” in theatres today. I heard they’ve already signed on a part two. Should be interesting. Good concept, for sure. Just please dont ever become reality, Id be dead in an hour.


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