Its been three months but a hell of a ride

Well I started this blog to be a once a day thing, but anyone who knows me knows that I can’t ever keep something like that going for long.

Since my rather long hiatus, alot of stuff has happened, but Ill try to summarize.

  • Tinkerbelle, my cat with cancer, finally succumbed to it on April 22. She lasted a year, one month, and 12 days.
  • If youre keeping count, that means that I’ve lost 2 lizards, 2 ferrets, and a cat recently.
  • I got an internship 1.5 hours away I managed to keep for half the required time, for a myriad of reasons.
  • I got hired as a photographer at Comerica Park in Detroit, but my social anxiety nixed that in the bud.
  • I got hired at a store, but my OCD and germphobia, paired with a L5 injury the night prior, also nixed that.
  • I moved my house 20 miles, and have been living at my mother in laws til shit settles.
  • My dog that I aquired shortly before hiatus just had surgery Thursday–just mostly standard, spay, teeth removal.
  • My college graduation is in six days. Yes, I finished in February.
  • Had a mental breakdown or few since we last spoke.
  • Got a staph infection coupled with mastitis (non breastfeeding) that leaves me in a higher breast cancer percentile for the next year. Luckily we at least ruled out the aggressive Inflammatory kind. I was scared shitless for about 2 weeks.
  • Have really retreated into myself as of late.

Damn, that was quite easy. I should take hiatuses more often.



2 thoughts on “Its been three months but a hell of a ride

  1. No hiatus for you! You’ve gotta keep yourself blogging to get that good mojo going. Wishing for better times for you going forward and congrats on the graduation.

    1. I know I have to learn to keep with things. I was doing really well writing for awhile but then just slacked when life got crazy. I think I need to return just to keep a place to even vent! 😀 Thanks!

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