3-24-13 From one a day to one a fortnight

To say that I can’t keep up with any kind of commitment is an understatement. I went from one a day posting here (ok so sometimes I would miss for five days in a row, but would then make up those posts…) to now posting once every two weeks. In my meager defense, life is a little more hectic than I am used to. Most people would pray for my version of “hectic” but its hectic to ME so screw those people. -_-

So I work Wednesday and Thursday, but its literally an all day affair. I get up Wed, work, come home, go straight to bed, get up go to work Thursday, get home late. Sometimes I have my nieces for all or most of the weekend. Monday is bill day. Tuesday is my moms. And at the end of this internship, if Im lucky, Ill be hired in part or full time. I was supposed to go back to some kind of college this summer, but you have to go three days a week, so Id have to do online courses (ok thats fine) but if two days of interning is kicking my ass, what is a part/full time job, PLUS school going to do? I dont want to end up in the nut barn. Last time I got overwhelmed I ended up on a ton of psychiatric meds and almost committed twice. Not exactly how I want to spend my summer.

Im sitting here now on my couch, all the animals are asleep, my niece is passed out on the couch, my husband in his room, and im just here on the other couch on my computer. Im tired and should probably go to bed, but when have I been sensible?

Im going to try to not forget this is here for now on.


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