3-24-13 Another death

Today I lost another pet. 4th one in a year. Im not talking like, fish deaths either.

Today was my ferret, Jackson. A few months ago, his ‘sister’ Kate died. Sawyer is left now. My leopard geckos Echidnea (8 years old) and Ziggy (fairly newish) as well. My cat just had her 11th birthday and has dwindled away from the cancer diagnosis she got last birthday, and no doubt is somewhat soon to follow since she is getting ridiculously skinny.

Sawyer, Jack, and Kate
Sawyer, Jack, and Kate

Kate is the albino one, Jack is the smaller of the brown ones.

Echidnea the leopard gecko
Echidnea the leopard gecko

This was Echidnea. I have no picture of Ziggy.

RIP little ones.


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