3-7-13 First day and a rejection

Today was my first day at an internship. I haven’t told anyone about it until I make it through two days. I was going to say one day, but I’d like to know when I come back if I still have it. It went well (imo). Fairly easy routine. It’s for a really popular wedding facility. I’ll be editing photos and retouching them, and then laying out wedding books. Sadly, kind of a dream job. Too bad its only for an internship, though I did find out they WILL be hiring two positions–albeit, seasonal–this summer. When I’m going to college. Of course, I can always do both, and would gladly do it. I live a little over an hour away, but this is awesome experience as long as I don’t get fired somehow. Yes, I can even find ways to be fired from a job where they don’t even pay me. I am that talented.

While I was there, I heard back from the paying job I interviewed for. I had made it from like 35 people into a round of 8 for a second interview, but there was only 2 positions. I didn’t get one of them. They told me they’d be keeping my resume (I hear that alot -_-) but that they also may be looking for a social media person soon. Sooo…well see if thats true.

But I got to thinking and maybe thats ok. An internship, a job, and college all at once? I’m sure a normal person could handle it. But Ive not had a job in almost 8 years. Thats kinda a lot to throw at me. I’d rather have the internship that may or may not turn into something paid, and then the school. If I wait to go back to school, my 6 month grace will wear out for repay, as well as the fact that I might end up just never going back.

Plus, always a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.


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