2-28-13 Official College Grad

Today was officially my last day at the first step of my college road. I finished the graphic design certification process. From here, I am going to go do all the classes possible at the community college, then finish up at a 4 year.

I got a call this morning for an interview with a wedding photography business. Photo retouch and layout. Its an internship, with no pay. BUT I need the experience. Its about an 1.5 drive each way. I was happy getting a call. Then tonight on the way home from school, I got a call for an interview this Sunday, for a vapor lounge. I’d love to get both…I’d be happy with one…I’m realistic I’ll probably get neither lol.

I then came home and had a lonely, loud karaoke session in my living room. I’m sure my neighbors are thrilled. I quit a little after 3am. Since I was using my computer and surround system for the music, I was on youtube, which of course lead to me watching some fan videos and crying into my microphone. Then I got ahold of myself, sang a little more, and called it a night.

This will be a very busy few days. I have my niece for two days. The interview on Sunday. The one on Monday. It’ll be nice to feel like a real, functioning version of an adult. I’ve waited to long. Those years in a practical fugue state really fucked with my life. I’ll never get those years back. But I can make the most of the years ahead of me at least.


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