2-26-13 It’s baaaack.

When I was a teenager, when I ate, I would feel horrible for like an hour afterwards. I’m not quite sure how far progressed it would have gotten, since that was ALSO the time I became severely anorexic. Regardless, after a few years, it went away. I made it through most, if not all, of my twenties no problem. I think I started to feel that way again for awhile, but then I was (FINALLY) diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance. I was put on a RIDICULOUS amount of medication, like every other time in my life. I was not even a CONFIRMED diabetic–I was merely insulin resistant: on my way to type 2 diabetes, and I was on 2500 of metformin a day. I lost 40 lbs. I gained it all back. EVENTUALLY around 2009 or so, I didn’t have to take it anymore. I got just kind of well all over: I didn’t have to take my (again higher than should be doseage) of cholestoral medicine, my hypothyroidism went into check, I got off the metformin, and I was barely even taking any kind of psychiatric medication at that point. That was around the same time I landed in the hospital for the first time since I was two, due to a rare, serious allergic reaction to Bactrim that I was taking for the kidney infection I had. (again. at that point I was having around six kidney infections per year. Still am…) I was in the hospital for four days, and then suddenly sans for my anti depressant, I was pretty much medication free!

Started school. Mental breakdown. Back on the psych meds (and then some). Thyroid went off again. Back on that. Now I have fibromyalgia meds. Started getting kidney infections. (On second one this year. Its February. Seriously?) I was supposed to be taking a five month maintenance pill for the kidneys but I kinda forgot about it…along with most of the psych meds.

So recently, like as in the past month or so, I started getting that weird feeling when I eat again. Nauseous. Pain. Etc. I’ve been through all the “could bes”. I’ve had acid reflux since I was 12. It’s not heartburn. My mom swears its because I don’t “take my medicine properly” which while it WILL make me feel ill, its not connected to my food intake. Plus I wasn’t on those psych meds the first time I felt like that. Then it was the fact I didn’t take the kidney pills. And yes, kidney infections make you feel like ass. This is not the same ass. I bring up I think its more sugar related, and my mom counters with, “but you didn’t have sugar til your 20s”. MIGHT not be correct. I fought with doctors for LITERALLY about five years that I had PCOS. They told me I didn’t. Finally they gave me the test. Lo and behold, after arguing that “your sugar is perfect and normal” turns out my two hour glucose test is NOT normal. It ONLY showed up there. (Thats how I ended up on an ass ton of metformin.) My sugar could have been whacked for god knows how long. True, it DID happen after everything else, and insulin WAS laying on my liver from the ridiculously fast weight gain the hypothyroidism caused. (And by ridiculously fast I mean 100 lbs in like 6 months. I had BLACK stretch marks and I’m literally almost albino.) THAT wonderful little issue was caused because from LITERALLY one week monitor to the next, I went toxic on lithium, and it shut down my thyroid. I SERIOUSLY have the worst luck on the planet with side effects. I get all the bizarre ones. So I gained a SHIT ton of weight and got all this shit at once. It was a miserable fucking decade. I don’t even remember 2000-2004 at all. Vaguely 2005-2009 or so. Just ridiculous.

So jump to today and after this shit is seriously getting old, I google hypoglycemia because I used to have attacks (hello you give someone that much metformin theyre going to bottom out.) and somehow I missed the fact it tends to ALSO come with fibromyalgia. This version is called “reactive hypoglycemia”. No idea if I ACTUALLY have it but I found it interesting that it was tied in there.

I’m sure by reading this (if anyone has actually made it this far, congrats.) you’re thinking to yourself “Jesus! This chicks got Muncheusens Syndrome!” Sadly, I have proof and verification of all my ailments. And they ALL started from being dosed too high on psych meds, and the side effects. So one lesson you can take from this long rambley mess, boys and girls, is: Don’t let a doctor over medicate you. Otherwise you end up like me. No one wants that. Trust me.


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