2-23-13 Don’t lock me out for bad memory

I decided to put some subscription time on my World Of Warcraft account since I’m graduating school in 6 days. Since I haven’t been on there for about 6 months. I can’t remember the email. Then I cant remember the password. Then by the time I get both of them together I’ve “logged in too many times.” Seriously? And your call center is in like, Zimbabwe. Apparently if I just wait 60 minutes, it will let me in. I guess we will see in about 20 minutes.

I’ve stayed in bed almost for 2 days straight. I get up on occasion, but its never for long, and usually to eat. Have (yet another) kidney infection. Can’t even be mad…I was supposed to be taking maintenance pills for five months so I’d stop getting them six times a year. I took two doses and forgot. So here it is February, and I’m already 2 kidney infections in. If I want to beat a record, I’d rather it be something GOOD.

It snowed and the roads are kind of shitty but nothing major. Enough that I’m sitting on my couch at 11pm on a Friday. (Wait…how is that any different from any other Friday?)

I just put in another resume. Been averaging one a day. Have two interviews on Tuesday. Not holding my breath, personally.

I’m not entirely thrilled with this haircut. I know that it’ll grow out decent but I wanted to keep more length. (Weird for me.) I was trying to grow it out. Now I just want to dye it. And it has to be something “normal” since I’m going to be interviewing for “real” jobs. So boring. I’ll probably just keep it the way it is and see how far from my actual roots it is.


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