2-18-13 Like everything else, after awhile you change it up

Originally this was going to be a 365 blog. Even if that meant writing backwards after missing 5 days. But then I realized that wouldn’t be very accurate and I also would never have enough stuff to write five back to back blogs about. Therefore, I have decided to NOT do that, but still attempt to stay (mostly) daily.

Ten days until I am out of college. Hopefully tomorrow I will find out whats going on with the one college, although now we seem to think that I will be going to the community first, if only so I can go part time and get a job. Well, assuming I can find one. The job hunt still continues. It’s hard when you are in a field that your cow town isn’t really in need of, and you need to travel to the nearest metro area to gain employment. Detroit and Toledo both try to include us in their “metro” status from time to time but lets be honest…no one wants us lol. No, seriously. Even weather circles around so it doesn’t have to come here. I don’t blame it.

Taxes are coming soon and the funny part is, we have enough (after bills and savings, etc.) that I either can buy a new work computer, or buy the software for said computer. But not really both. Soooo….yeah. Still trying to figure that out. From what I gather I can get the computer and someone will give me some pirated software until I can afford the legit stuff. And I totally just said that on the internet. Oh well.


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