2-12-13 Hate is Hate.

Word of advice. Don’t piss me off on the internet.

I’ve taken to twitter, tumblr, facebook, and now wordpress.

I am active in the LGBT community, seeing as I am a member and all. I follow many, many PRO-LGBT sites all over social media.

The past couple days a certain one I follow started posting pictures of Chris Brown and calling him names and saying that the reason he and Frank Ocean were in a fight was because Chris is a homophobe and he “punched a gay man”. Well, Ocean is BI, not gay. From media stories, it was over a parking spot, and escalated. To claim it was over orientation is incorrect. (Don’t think I can stand Brown, he is a pathetic excuse for a “man”.)

Tonight, however, I managed to get blocked from one. Why? For pointing out that they are nothing but hate spewing jerks themselves. (I wasn’t the only one blocked, others were too…anyone who dared to point out the hypocrisy of being an “anti hate” site…while posting name calling, bashing, and telling your customers to (and I quote) “wake the fuck up or shut the fuck up.”

Hate is hate. Whether you feel it is “warranted” or not. And to go on a COMPANY WEBSITE (they sell clothes, jewelry and more on their website) such as their facebook and gloat about “it was fun deleting people” (paying customers!) and other statements, is just unprofessional. To post things to your OWN facebook is one thing, but this is speaking for an entire company and ALL the employees. I emailed their company, hoping that it is one person (and NOT the whole company!) that is posting things such as:

I didnt even SEE the first picture, as I was on my phone, but was reading the comments, which were full of people upset by the image. I was more annoyed by the comments, which is why I started commenting. The second one has already been taken off their facebook, but is still on their twitter. So its ok to insinuate someone is gay in a picture, as an insult? From a site that is “against hate”? That they are attacking beliefs because they feel its ok?

They conveniently deleted all my comments–which mind you were not vulgar, offensive, or anything that should be taken down. They took them down due to the fact they couldn’t handle the BARRAGE of people that were offended. Anyone who posted anything remotely against what they were saying was deleted.

I think that this site POSTING HATE while using the guise of a ANTI HATE organization is DISGUSTING and they either need to STOP or change their name. HATE IS HATE.


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