2-6-13 When you have it figured out, you don’t.

Wednesdays are this weird day in the week that I don’t really know what to do with. I go to my moms for dinner. I go to school on Tuesday and Thursday. So Thursday to Tuesday, big stretch. Tuesday to Thursday, not so much. So its like SCHOOLWHATSCHOOL and hopefully when I enroll I am smart enough to get better days. Or something.

Which now, I thought I had it all figured it out, school wise. Finish up here at the end of the month. Wait until May, start at the cheap community for half my classes. Suffer through the 16 week courses bored out of my mind, take longer than needed. But then I realize I’m hardly some new 18 year old. I don’t have time for this shit. Going there is going to save me 10k easy but might hold me back a year or more! I don’t want to be pushing 35 when I graduate!

If I go to the (albeit insanely expensive private) college, it has an accelerated program (what I’m already in, so I’m used to it.) of 8 weeks per class. I’d be out and graduated with a BS in two years from the day I start. (I’ve already done the “elective graphic design” course, my credits form this transfer to that.)

So, do I fork over the extra money in order to get out faster, get a better job faster, get paid higher, faster. If Rochester doesn’t make me pay while I go, I am definitely choosing that route. One school I talked to said I’d have to pay to go because of how financial aid worked for that school, it would only pay for X amount, but it was an online school and also every college works differently. I know someone who was in college 8 years (2 community, 4 undergrad, 2 grad) and she didn’t have to pay during. Granted, not a private college, cheaper per year, and thats what I’m worried about. Guess I’ll be checking about it…again…tomorrow.

Need to get this shit together quick. 20 more days.


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