2-5-13 Schoolwork Frenzy

Weather advisory. Snow. Roads aren’t to awful but I’m really hoping tomorrow the roads are decent for the hour and a half trip to school. Tomorrow the CD packaging is due. We have to print it out on heavy stock, and construct the actual package. If there is a lyric booklet, print it out, cut it, assemble it. Print out promo poster. Assembly got me last time in another class. I had a nick in a page and the staple was slightly crooked. Yes, I’m serious. -_-

Then we have to start getting our digital roughs of our book covers. I have my template made, I have it mocked out. All three books are set up similar, with different covers, backs, and of course, text. They’re due Sunday. Which means sometime between now and then I need to drive some where up near Detroit Metro Airport, park, and take pictures of planes in the sky. To which my husband says, “Just don’t get arrested. I’m sure homeland security will just love someone taking pictures of planes.” Yeah, that’s me, budding terrorist…wtf. (To any big brother reading, THAT WAS SARCASM.) What if someone just likes planes? I don’t like planes. I loathe planes. I always have. LOST didn’t help. And I hate driving my the airport it gives me a panic attack. But since we need our own photography, I need to get a picture of a plane. And I’m hardly going to stand outside in twelve degree weather and wait for a plane to drive over my house. So I’m going to go park a couple miles away from there and get some. And hope to god they work, or Ill be taking a picture of a toy plane and praying it doesnt come out cheesy as hell. In my head, my book covers look great. I have a feeling in reality, theyre going to be ass.

Four weeks.

Thursday, we have to come up with a poster of either a cause or a way to show accepting differences. Roughs due Sunday. Its going to be a long week lol. Plus we need to start getting our portfolios together. Which since I put one together to send off the other night, I have one in the works at least.

Ok this is way long enough.


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