2-4-13 Taken before their time

Killing The Saved

I just came across this article written in November 2012 about a dog that was thrown off a roof, had broken bones, broken legs, ribs. It was taken in by the ASPCA, that brought her back to health. Supposedly after recovery, she started showing signs of aggression. Instead of working with her, they decided to execute her. She was one year old.


A No Kill stepped up and offered to take her to rehabilitate her. They were hung up on, lied to, and even escorted away. They had prepped a place for her, and were willing to work with her, and if she was unable to live with new people, let her live there.

Animals who are hurt upset me more than anything, and I already was barely making it through the article when I came across this paragraph:

“On a cold, Friday November morning in 2009, Oreo was killed; not by her abuser, but by those whose mission it was to protect her. The kennel that the sanctuary readied in anticipation of her arrival lay empty and unused that day, filled with a soft bed, a pool of water and several toys for her to play with. Instead, Oreo’s body was discarded in a landfill.”

Under it was a picture of what was going to be her new home.

The home she SHOULD have went to.

Instead, her new home was a landfill. She was discarded like trash.

I can’t even tell you how that makes me feel. This story is just horrible. I don’t know how I didn’t hear about it. But I’m hearing about it now. All I can say at this point is that poor baby at least is out of this horrible world. She deserved better.


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