2-3-13 No nifty title

Feel rather productive today. Got all my homework done ahead of time, even with having to redo two covers because I forgot to put PINKs name on them. How can you sell a CD without the artists name?

I loaded up some work on my Facebook that I use for that kind of thing. I have three active face books currently. One for business, one for professional adult life and one for the obnoxious person I am.

I did about 7 photo retouches as well.

Now my eyes hurt I am so tired. Im also kind of so hot Im bout to freak out. Tomorrow I only have to go to my moms for dinner as I do every Sunday. Homeworks done. House should hopefully be done. My living room table is a disaster. I don’t want to go through anything school related until I graduate in three weeks. (Three weeks wtf?!) Then I can tidy the place up.

Well, I think it’s about time to pass out.


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