2-2-13 When one persons pain is another persons lesson

I am sitting here watching Teen Trouble and watching a girl being shown how her life can turn out. One of the women was a recovering addict, that took time out of her day, to show her what her life was going to end up like. She didn’t have to do that. She didn’t have to go on national television. She didn’t have to make time for some girl she doesn’t know. But she did.

Why? Why do people do that?

Maybe it’s the same reason people like me write blogs, that air our dirty laundry. It isn’t to get followers. It’s in the hope that the one person scrolling through the internet, trying to find SOMETHING to keep themselves alive one more day finds what we’ve written. Sees that we have been there, sees that we are still here. That they are not alone.

No one is perfect in life. Some of us are worse off than others. And it is OUR duty to be the ones who speak out. We have to show others that we are still here.

That we will continue on, and fight every day, just like they are.

You don’t have to be ashamed. You don’t have to be alone.


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