2-1-13 When Pandora radio attacks.

I always have music on. I spend alot (and I mean ALOT) of time in my car. I have a 3 hour trip to school twice a week. I put 26k miles on my car in 13 months. Ive put 6k on it since November 19. Pandora radio is kind of my best friend. I have ECCLECTIC taste. 1950s. 1980s. 1990s! (seriously the BEST ten years of music, EVER.) Current. Reggae. Rock. Punk. Emo. (fuck R&b!) My pandora stations are all over the place. My best channel is Hollywood Undead. Anyone who uses Pandora knows that the more you listen, all the channels kind of merge together based on how you rate songs. So while I might BE on the Hollywood Undead channel, Goo Goo Dolls are a regular on it.

I see posts all the time about how people LIVE music. While I’m glad people love music, there are some people that literally are so sensitive to music, it can change their moods within seconds. In one car ride, I can be jamming to rock, thumping to rap, and crying into my steering wheel from memories. Now, (and here’s where I will lose 90% of you) I am a firm believer in…shall we say…new age. That all things are energy. That we can communicate with energy.

Which is why Pandora freaks me the fuck out 90% of the time.

I was babbling on facebook one night about how Pandora was…talking to me. It had been in alot of new age news about electronics being used as a…device…to get points across. I stated the fact how, I knew within minutes at the rate of the radio, a certain song would be on.

With in ten minutes, guess what happened? I of course took a photo and posted it on facebook.

My music has saved my life on many occasions. I know others that have felt this way, and had this happen. While this entire article sounds insane to most people, others may just know what I’m talking about. This will affect not just us empaths, but also “normal” people. That when we put on music, certain songs just HAVE to come on. To help us, to give us memories, to haunt us, to make us remember. What is life without memories? What is life without lessons? Even the worst of times have good things that come from them.

Always hear the signs, always listen to your heart, and always follow the music.

After all, when you open up “Pandora’s Box”, you never know what comes from it. 😉


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