I Need To Be Me-March 26, 1996

What is wrong with the real me?
No one understands: I need to be free.

No one to control, yet someone to care;
I need independence, but someone who’s there.

Can’t you see this is what I need?
Someone to follow, and no one to lead.

I need to make my own mistakes;
and fix them up, as long as it takes.

When I adventure alone in a dream,
the feeling is great; everlasting it seems.

Then I awake to bitter reality:
No one cares about the real me.

They say they care, but it’s just a facade.
The outside world is normal–and I am an inside odd.

I need to fly, I need to soar,
I need to cry, and fear no more.

I need to be happy, I need people to see:
I need to be loved. I need to be me.


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