1-31-13 Writing in the future?

I went from being three days behind to officially writing for tomorrow!

So I’m happy that people are following me on here, but also confused. Some I wonder why they are? Is it just to get “follow backs”? Do I pique some weird interest in someone that I think has no reason to have anything in common with me? I guess just go with the flow, eh?

I went through a trunk in my living room of stuff thats been saved since I was born. Its alot of crap. Every report card. Ever. LITERALLY almost a thousand poems. Various pieces of published writing. Drawings. (Oh god.) Random shit from the internet I felt compelled to print off and save and now 15 years in the future, Im planning on taking most of it, opening up (yet another.. is this 13? 14?) another tumblr, of just random stupid sayings etc.

I had told my one web teacher about how I did “old school html” back in the angelfire and tripod days and he looked at me like I had a third eye. (Well, a visible one, anyway.) I just happend to have come across my old website…printed out. Oh dear god. Of course none of the background and stuff showed up, but all the other stuff is there. And someone really shouldn’t let 16 year olds run websites. Wow. I cover my eyes in virtual shame.

(This of course wont stop me from more than likely showing some of it. I have no shame.)

I took pictures of all my drawings on instagram so Id have them, and Im going to type up some of the (not horrible, or least horrible) poetry. It ended up being quite macabre before I stopped writing. I just dont know where to stick them. I guess here would be a good place. Who knows.


2 thoughts on “1-31-13 Writing in the future?

  1. Yeah, absolutely! Create a special place just for your weird, dark rantings and ravings. I think we all have them when we’re that age. It’s a rough time. But that’s seriously awesome that you kept so much of it and have it to look back on and reflect on who you were and where you’ve come from. What a great treasure trove.

    1. My poems from when I was around 12 are oh my god. I was published in BOP magazine with my love tribute to Macaulay Culkin. I still have the magazine. Seriously…I was a fangirl before there was fangirls ha.

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