1-30-13 The poison sandwich didn’t kill me.

Man I’m getting in the swing of this now! Actually posting on the right day! :O

Went to school, was distracted by the street lights going off and on for miles, have NO idea how I did not ass ram the SUV in front of me. Went and asked some questions about the whole college debacle, and APPARENTLY (I’ll find out for sure on Thursday) I can finish up here March 3, go to community for the core english/science/fuckyoumath, etc, then transfer to Rochester, and I should have my Bachelors in a little under three years. I would be able to apply for my associates in science as well. It would be a BS in Mass Communication/Graphic Design. The weird thing is that I just looked and they said the one version (traditional aka 4 year also with a minor, which I would have done journalism) was only available at the main campus, but now it says its available at my campus. o_0 Regardless, Ill do the accelerated, and be done in under 4 years. I’ve been doing accelerated this past year. It’s actually going to be really odd to do “traditional” but if I’m lucky, I’ll only be stuck doing that for 2 semesters. At my CC, the spring and summer are “accelerated” as well- 6 weeks instead of 16. I’m used to doing 8 weeks anyway. I’ll just make sure to do something I excel at, like English. I read/write fast, so what the hell, right?

It’s so weird for ten years I’ve been the anti college person. Fuck college! Who needs college! Its not even that I “need” college, I don’t “need” a job. I just like to learn. I’m good at it. I like being good at things. Plus, it will be nice to NOT have to rely on someone for ONCE in my life. I have felt so pathetic for…well…ever. I went from being a kid, to being in a relationship, and never took care of myself…for 13 years. I would like to be self sufficient. If only to say I don’t NEED someone.

While driving home from school the hour+, me and my sister in law were discussing how disgusting the kitchens of fast food places are. Which then promptly made me drive to McDonalds and order food. So if the jelly doesn’t kill me, be on the lookout for the Big Mac.


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