1-29-13 College and a poison sandwich

So about two or three hours ago I was all, “I’m really tired. I should go to bed.” Then I sat down and picked up my laptop and here I still sit. I’ve managed to update some of my tumblr ques. Wrote a few blogs. Worked on my goddamn CD project that I want to stab repeatedly in the face. Edited a couple pictures. Ate ramen noodles. Also ate a PB&J. The jelly will need to be thrown out here in about 2 weeks so if you never hear from me again, it was jelly-cide.

I should have never not went to school on Thursday, even though about half of my class skipped. Now I have no ambition to go tomorrow. And I have to go tomorrow. But now that I’ve already blown my “perfect attendance” for the marking period, nothing is stopping me from leaving early. 🙂

Speaking of which. I have now redone and have FOUR different versions for the CD cover. Four. Do I know what one I’m going with? No. If it were up to me (ok it’s UP to me, but I’d like the best grade.) I know which one I’d pick. I have a feeling the teacher is going to pick a different one. Story of my life. Makes me rethink if I’m any good at this whole designer thing.

Which then leads me to college. I have like, 4 options atm. Get a associates in applied science at my community college, that will go with my certification. Take only my core classes, transfer to rochester (at 18k a year wtf) to get my bachelors, and get my associates retroactively. Take only my core classes, then transfer to University of Toledo, because even though I live in Michigan I’m PRACTICALLY in ohio so they only charge me ohio rate. Or go to the video certification program. Or get a WTF JUMBLED MESS associates in science. Or just not go at all.

And oh, figure this out coz your dumbass already enrolled and you start in May. May. TWO MONTHS after I graduate. And Im going to actually go BACK? I had three weeks off for Christmas and almost said fuck it.

My ambition really needs to step it up.


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