1-26-13 Upgrades, or lack thereof. :(

So my business blog is hosted on my website hosting plan. It has the cool upgrades and plug ins and stuff. This one doesn’t. Unfortunately, I can’t really think of anything to blog about over on it. I’m sure eventually I should write some topics, but I think the thing that annoys me is the fact I can’t put plug ins on this account. I can technically host this one ON that account, but I don’t like mixing business with personal. It can get messy. Especially when you are as weird as I am.

Makes me want to buy my URL just to host it on my hosting plan. If I knew what the hell I was doing on it anyway. HTML I’m cool with but hosting stuff confuses me. I should look into it though because I know this URL is available coz no one would have it but me heh. I was driving this summer and had my windows down and a lady next to me at the stop light yells over “IS THAT 108 FATE?” “YEP!” “OK, JUST DIDN”T KNOW WHAT IT MEANT.” “LOST REFERENCE!”

Which then leads me into my current issue, tumblr. It decided to “upgrade” itself again with stupid things. Now in order to reblog, it takes forever due to a stupid popup that pretty much freezes. It’s so annoying.

Why is technology so goddamn buggy?


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