1-25-13 Interview

So the twenty fifth was my first “real” interview. I ended up staying up all night, paranoid I wouldn’t wake up at 630am. I took my husband to work 20 mins south of me, came back into town, went to my house for about 20 minutes, then headed up to the interview. It took me a little under an hour, and it was snowing fairly decently. (Oh the joys of growing up driving in snow. We were all doing 80 lol.) I sat in the parking lot for about 20 mins because I got there about 45 minutes early. My car was almost buried by the time I left.

I got in there, and had my interview. I had a great resume, and there was like 100 applicants, and they only interviewed a handful. While my photography and social media experience were what they wanted, I had no ACTUAL experience, being as I’m just now getting ready to graduate. They said they’d have hired me in a minute had I actually had experience.

I can’t even be mad. It was a good first experience.

Made the 2.5 hour drive home in a blizzard more worthwhile lol.

Drove home, went to the library, applied there, drove north 20 mins, put in an app at a music store that isn’t even hiring until April. Drove home practically asleep at 430. Went straight to bed and stayed there until 1pm the next day.

And I’m still exhausted.


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