1-22-13 Up All Night-With A Reason

It’s no secret I’m a night owl. Hell, that’s how I got the name for my graphic design company. But I’m staying up tonight because every time I have a meeting, I get super paranoid I’m going to oversleep, so I stay up the whole damn night instead. Its now 410am. I have to start getting ready here in like 2-2.5 hours. I have to get up, drive 20 mins south to take my husband to work, drive the 20 mins back into town, then drive an hour to the interview.

I have a “grown up” interview. For a “real” job. I’m realistic, I probably won’t get it. BUT it was nice that I sent out 4 resumes, and got 2 responses within 24 hours. I should really stop applying until my portfolio is done, in a few weeks, but I just really want/NEED a job.

I played hookie from school today. Everything was going wrong and I’m a superstitious bitch. My windshield wipers were frozen and I couldn’t see. (fixed.) Had a feeling I shouldn’t go. Narrowly avoided accident because I stopped to auto zone. Decided to go, husband on a random freak accident, comes home for the day, and I have to go get him. At this point, Im like, Ok, Im really not meant to go. Lo and behold, like, half the class wasn’t there. They let out early because like three people were left.

It’s over an hour to my school one way. I got the assignment done in under and hour, and turned in one minute after the class started, when it wasn’t even due til 11. I was so not wasting 9 hours of my day.

So I went and got an outfit for my interview, went to applebees, then my sister in law came over and we designed her “save the date” cards for this summer.

So now, here I sit, catching up on wordpress, after filling my tumblr queues.


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