1-20-13 About Me

Name: Stacy

Nickname: Cay

Middle name: Marie

Age: 31

Birthday: April 12, but I go by eastern horoscopes, so I am a pisces.

Zodiac sign: Pisces. (western=aries/aries rising/sag moon)

Relationship Status: Married

Current location: Detroit MI

Height: 5’1.

Eye color: Green gold

Hair color: Blonde

Heritage: German

# of siblings: 5 in laws.

# of pets: 3 cats, 2 ferrets and a bearded dragon.

Shoes you wore today: old lady moccasins.

Color of your shirt: aqua and white.

Best school subject: English.

Your weakness: Fucking math. Not even just math. fucking math.

Your Fear: once I counted 98 fears.

Goal you want to achieve this year: get a goddamn job.

First thought when you wake up: what time is it?

When’s your bedtime: usually 6 am or so. Yeah, Im backwards.

Your most cherished memory: ?

Pepsi or Coke: either.

McDonalds or Burger King: Burger King.

Mac or PC? PC. (as i type on a mac).

Cell phone type: iPhone 4s

Gamer? World Of Warcraft, Sims.

Favorite Video Game: oh, see above.

Day or night? NIGHT. fuck sun.

Summer or winter? fall.

Most-visited website? Tumblr, Facebook, wordpress, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, behance, I spend ALOT of time on line.

Celebrity crushes: Emilie De Ravin, Emile Hirsch, Dominic Monaghan, Avril Lavigne, Pink, Im sure there are more.

Last song you sang: who knows. Im sure I hummed a lot on my 1.5 hour commute home from school.

How many CD’s do you own: Used to own hundreds. Now its like A hundred.

How many DVD’s do you own: Like 50.

How many tattoo’s do you have: technically about 15, but some have multiple parts, like my one has 33 parts lol.

How many piercings do you have: 12.

What’s your biggest pet peeve: bad drivers.

Do you play an instrument: no.

Do you have any talents: not really. photography I guess.

Do you drink: allergic.

Do you smoke: very rarely socially.

Have you ever done drugs: weed.

Do you go or want to go to college: graduate in 5 weeks.

What career do you want to pursue: graphic design is what Im in school for.

What country would you like to visit: austrailia.

Are you or do you ever want to get married: have been almost 8 years.

Do you have or would you ever want to have children: Nope.


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