1-19-13 Why do I even bother numbering these anyway?

Considering I am writing this on the 23, I really don’t understand why I am keeping with numbering them. I suppose if I stop, I may stop my daily writing and for once I want to stick with something.

I amazingly have all my homework done for my first class this week. I have the other work I need done for class on Thursday done, but they haven’t posted what will be going on that day yet. I wish I knew so I could get on it.

The worst part is I have to pick 10-15 items for a portfolio. It’s going to end up being mostly a photography portfolio with a few photoshop and illustrator pieces, some social media branding and a shot of my blog. Don’t ask me what the hell job it is I’m trying to get. Something dealing in photography/social media/graphic design/blog writing. You’d think that would be odd, but I actually applied (like a big girl, with a real resume and cover letter and all!) to four places last night. One got back to me within hours, but asked me if I have a portfolio. Obviously, I don’t. Yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn’t be applying to graphic jobs without a portfolio, but I’d rather have no portfolio and point them to Facebook or linked in, then show them a shitty portfolio. I could have made a contact sheet in bridge, which is probably what I would do in a pinch.

I have an IDEA of what items but I don’t want to actually PICK them and get it done with.

Five more weeks.


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