1-13-13 How Am I Ever Going To Catch Up?

Deciding to make a one a day journal the last marking period of college was probably either a genius or very stupid idea. I’m obviously falling behind. It may end up chronicaling my descent into madness.

Who knows?

This last marking period we have “Advanced Projects” and “Portfolio”. I have two assignments for Adv. Projects. I have to completely remake a CD: case, cd, lyric booklet, and poster. We can’t use a jewel case, we have to make the case, tangibly. I did all my sketches, only to find out my cover was just not going to work. I ended up keeping the same artist (P!nk) but went with a different CD. (She was the least explicit music choice I listen to, and I didn’t want to have to edit the lyric booklet the way I would have had to with say, Hollywood Undead.) This isn’t a hard project but for some reason I just don’t know where I’m going with it. We have 4 weeks, start to finish. (I go to an advanced school where all classes are 8 instead of 16 weeks.) The next project that is weeks 5-7 is a trio of book covers. (Either a trilogy or three books for the same author.) One is text heavy, one is graphic heavy, and one is 50/50. Last week I’m not real sure whats going on.

Portfolio is basically sprucing up our work to make it ready to go in our actual portfolios. This week we are doing a “mock” portfolio. We have to search the internet for ‘portfolio worthy’ pieces, and put together the book. I’ve managed to find most of the pieces. I still have to put it in InDesign and actually PUT the book together.

By Thursday night at 11:55pm I have to have my rough digital draft of the CD case done. I have to have the mock porfolio completely finished and turned in. Write two forum posts. And while this is a little more than I’m used to doing in two days, that’s not even whats bothering me. It’s the fact I’ve literally hit a creative block. Normally I’d be cranking along almost done, instead of just starting. I guess it’s a good thing schools almost over.

Then again, I’m probably most likely enrolling to get the Associates in Applied Science for Graphic Design after I graduate here in March.

That is, if I’m not in a rubber room.


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