1-12-13 Farther and Farther Behind

Not that I remember much of the past couple days since I have short term memory issues, but wow, I’m behind lol.

I’m currently sitting here with dye on my head. Its technically about time to take it off but I’m not worried.

I actually did a few productive things earlier, not a whole lot or anything. Wouldn’t want to strain myself.

I’m watching a movie on the DVR that Ive already seen since I knew I had to get up and wash this out. Once I get done I’ll watch something I HAVEN’T seen. My DVR is getting insanely full, although alot of that is due to my husband DVRing Ancient Aliens in HD. 22 HD hour long programs kinda takes up alot of space. But I have basically the rest of it, so I can’t really bitch.

How come I always come up with interesting shit to talk about when Im in the car, but once I sit down, nada.

Maybe I should start writing my blogs while driving.


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