1-11-13 Vampire

Whoever thought that hosting my own website was a smart thing, can I slap them? I just spent the past god knows how many hours attempting to fix this mess that I have created. I can’t seem to get my logo to work on my pages. I am HOPING that the server is just slow. At least for now, I got the old name OFF. Now its just nameless. And I have a broken link on my contact page. But its now 715am and I really dont care. I still have the temp site up for now.

Speaking of shitty sleep schedules…while I realize that I’ve had a horrible schedule since birth, sometimes it’s ridiculous even to ME how bad it gets. I really think I am becoming a vampire at this point, sans the fact I’m a germaphobe and would go hungry (thirsty?) before I attempted to drink blood.

I’m still technically running 2 days behind on this blog, but dammit, I WILL have a post for every day. Even if I have to write seven in a day to catch up.


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