1-10-13 Like and Share BS

I don’t know where it started. Maybe it was tumblr. On tumblr, when you “like” something you hit a little heart, and it marks it and ups the count number. If you reblog it, you get another. The more “notes” something gets the more popular it is.

The past few months on facebook, there has been a sudden flooding of “like and share” pictures. Now, I’m ok with that. What I’m NOT ok with is these absolute BS posts of sick children (one like=one prayer!!1!1!), abused animals (one like= slap to an abuser!1!1!), domestic abuse, etc, etc.

First of all, the people who make these don’t even CARE about the topic they are exploiting. They just want to be popular and passed around facebook like some kind of venereal disease. They are disgusting and pathetic attention whores that get off on it.

Another absolutely annoying “like and share”: LIKE IN THREE SECONDS IF… Come on. Really? “OMG GUISE! ITS A PHONE! I KNOW WHAT A PHONE IS! *LIKE*”. It clutters up my news feed.

And one that drives alot of people insane, including myself “LIKE IF YOU LOVE YOUR MOTHER OR KEEP SCROLLING IF YOU HATE HER”. Guilt trips? Seriously? No, I keep scrolling because what you are doing is stupid and pointless.

Has the internet really come to people exploiting children with cancer just so they can say “LOOK! I started a post and it has 300k likes!” If your life is that boring, please step away from your computer and go find something in real life that fulfills you. Please.


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