1-7-13 Seven days and slacking

So as you can read, its not really the 7th. Its “technically” the 9th. Usually I would cop to the fact that I forgot. But in actuality I didn’t get up until 2pm on the 7th, went to the doctor, came home, and went BACK to sleep at 5pm…then didn’t get up until 230pm on the 8th. I wanted to make sure I was more than rested on my first day back from school.

A nice little FYI I wasn’t aware of. If you have your facebook and twitter linked, and you set something to public, (in my case, on accident) it gets sent to your twitter. So the entire Twitterverse was updated on my UTI infection. Which if I was a more closeted person, would have been quite mortifying. Luckily, I have no shame.

It was bizarre going back to school after three weeks off. The three weeks for Winter break I felt lazy, like I got nothing accomplished. But then it was back to the grind and I’m already begging to be let off the ride. In less than two months I will have graduated college. My gift to myself? Signing up for college transfer that starts the day after graduation. If I don’t go straight back, I have a feeling I’ll never finish. The route I’m going, I’ll have a BS in three instead of four years. I will stay at the college I am in, but in a different hub of it. I’ll find out more about that on Thursday.

Off to write the 8ths post, since it’s still the 8th in at least 2 timezones.


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