1-2-13 Adult Life

Sometime late summer of 2011 I had found the site tumblr through an online friend. Through tumblr I ended up making over a dozen sites, most of them pertaining to the show LOST. Tumblr and its art made me want to create art, for my LOST blogs. I also found “fanvids” around this time as well. I started making LOST fanvideos. This inspired me to decide after ten years of being out of high school to go to college.

I originally went to check out my college for the digital media program–how to make videos. I ended up in the graphic design program due to my sister in law that suggested me checking it out deciding to enroll with me. Because of a social media site aimed for teens, I ended up in college.

That probably seems odd.

I really had no idea what I wanted to do in life. Hell, I still aren’t sure where I am heading with my plans in life. I still make videos, (and I have probably 100 in my head that I’d like to do, but somehow time just seems to get shorter every day) and I’m almost graduated at this point. I will be out of college in March of this year. What am I going to do afterwards?

I’ve tossed around a few ideas. Go out in the world, get a job. Go back and go to the original program I wanted to go into. Transfer to a university associated with my school and get a bachelors. Or at least an associates. Stick with photography. Give it all up and make arts and crafts.

When kids are 16 and 17 and getting ready to get out of school, they are always asked: what next? They don’t know. Not most of them. They go to college for an area they most likely end up changing their major in. They go to make their parents proud, but still clueless as to what they want to achieve. There are always those little freaks of nature that know since conception what they want to be; my 8 year old niece has wanted to deliver babies since she was three. At 8, I wanted to be a supreme court judge. At 12, a writer. By 16, I gave up on dreams and just hoped Id live to see 18. I graduated high school and that was it. For ten years, nothing.

Now here I am, where most kids are at 20-22. Getting ready to graduate college. And still clueless as to what it all means. Ok. I did the time. Im done. What next? Something? Anything? What if I never find a job? What if I do? What if I hate it?

What if?


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